Apartments in Tuscaloosa Alabama – Student Housing Options

Congratulations! you made it to a university in Alabama. Whether its Shelton State, Stillman college, or the University Of Alabama you’re going to need student housing. The great news is there are a lot of student housing options for incoming freshmen.

Most of the apartments in Tuscaloosa Alabama are replete with a Clubhouse with Big-Screen TVs, pool tables, Foosball, ping-pong – steam room – dry heat sauna –High speed Internet in all bedrooms plus a luxury kitchen.

Of course all apartments are furnished with the regular amenities like, a patio, Central air conditioning, dishwasher, jacuzzi, range oven, refrigerator, microwave, drier and washer.

If you are a freshman entering college life in Tuscaloosa Here are a few Tuscaloosa student housing options for the incoming students plus some of their price points and highlighted features.

Charleston Square


Close to UAB Campus, Pool newly renovated and has great bus pick-up point and drop-off near UAB.

Mountain View Apartments


Has a brand new building, great landscaping and is near Mcfarland Mall. It can get quite noisy in the summer as students from other states are visiting their relatives.

Stone Creek Apartments


Newly renovated houses, quiet and accessible to community library touted as “Tuscaloosa’s Finest Apartment Community” lots of co-eds agree.

The Reserve at North River


These are Loft-style apartments with stylish interiors, stainless steel appliances plus granite counter tops.

The apartments mentioned above are just a few of the myriad of choices you will have when entering a Campus in Alabama. There are so many options for student dwelling, we have not even discussed special rates for long-haulers and parental rates on week-ends which will be discussed in succeeding articles.

Mobile Alabama

Mobile, a port city in Alabama, is situated in the center of the Gulf Coast. The city’s art, architecture, food and culture reflect the legacy left by exotic travelers who passed through its shores a few centuries back.

There are direct flights to Mobile from Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Memphis, Orlando, Cincinnati and Charlotte. The three regional airports are: Mobile Regional Airport situated at 8400 Airport Boulevard, Mobile, AL 36608; Pensacola Regional Airport, 2430 Airport Blvd., Ste. 225, Pensacola, FL 32504; and Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport, 14035 L Airport Road, Gulfport, MS 39503. These airports serve interstate passengers to arrive at Mobile.

There are several national car rental agencies at these airports to take the traveler to downtown Mobile. From these airports, it is less than an hour’s drive to downtown Mobile. On land, Greyhound Bus Lines connects Mobile Bay with cities all over the United States. The bus terminal is located at 2545 Government Blvd, Mobile Bay. A traveler by car can take Interstate highways I-10 and I-65. By rail, people can reach Amtrak’s Station as the landing point. Many people also use Mobile’s vibrant waterfront to cruise in to Mobile Bay.

Perhaps the best sightseeing option in the city is to use the Moda – the city’s electric trolley. It is a free, fun-filled and funky electric trolley. This environmentally friendly trolley service is available Monday through Friday, from 7am – 6pm. It has 22 stops, including Government Plaza, the courthouse, restaurants, bars, shopping malls, parks, historical districts and much more. Also, a public transit system known as the Wave operates throughout Mobile County.

Mobile Bay is well known for fresh seafood, including shrimp, blue crabs, oysters, amberjack, flounder and much more. Whether fried, broiled, grilled, sautéed or blackened, they come to the dining table in a tantalizing and delicious spectrum of styles. Apart from this, there are juicy barbecue, spicy Creole, Cajun dishes, and many unique products of down-home Southern cooking.

The mild and comfortable climate in the city provides plenty of opportunities for year-round outdoor activities, including fishing, golf, football and many more. The Annual Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo attracts fishermen from across the nation.

The city’s entertainment district is filled with several restaurants and live music venues situated within walking distance of the downtown hotels. The city’s bars, nightclubs and live music venues provide a range of musical entertainment.

The Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center, a star attraction in the city, offers 55 interactive exhibits on the basics of electricity, simple mechanics, and many more science concepts that will make young and old enjoy science. Its Theater is open at select times and the admission is free.

Mobile Bay offers all the big city comforts at small town prices.

The Famous Women of Alabama

Alabama is not only popular for its scenic attractions and landscapes. It is also home to a lot of famous women who not only excelled in their chosen fields but made significant changes in the world. Let us get to know some of them.

Helen Keller
Helen Keller was a famous American lecturer, author and activist. She was noted as the first deaf-blind person to ever graduate from College. She was born in Ivy Green Tuscumbia, Alabama to Kate Adams Keller. Her father was formerly the Confederate Army’s officer, Captain Arthur Keller.

Though Helen was born in Alabama, the Keller Family originated from Germany.

Helen Keller was born neither deaf nor blind. She could hear and see clearly until she contracted a disease at age 19. The doctors referred to it as “an acute congestion of the stomach and the brain.” Nowadays, it will be more known as meningitis or scarlet fever.

Helen’s disease supposedly brings retardation and blindness. Although it did not last long, it left Helen blind and deaf. She survived through this phase through sign language.

It was Annie Sullivan, her teacher, who inspired her to communicate and become world renowned. Sullivan taught her to talk using a method called Tadoma.

Tadoma is touching the throat and lips of a person to understand what is being said. It also involves finger spelling the letter onto a child’s palm. Later on, Helen learned the Braille method. She used it for reading English, French, Greek, German and Latin languages.

As an author, Helen Keller was outspoken and well-traveled, particularly opposing the threats of war. She became world renowned through her dramatic depiction of the film and play “The Miracle Worker.” She campaigned and took a stand for the worker’s rights, socialism, women’s suffrage and various other progressive causes.

Courteney Cox
Courtney Cox is a famous American film producer, actress and model. She starred in popular films like Sitcom Friends, Scream Film Series and Dirt among others.

She belonged to a rich Southern family. She was born in Birmingham, Alabama to Courtney and Richard Lewis Cox.

Courtney Cox, or CeCe as her friends would call her, was raised within Mountain Brook Birmingham, Alabama to a rich suburb. This is where she studied and became a tennis player, swimmer and cheerleader.

Upon graduation, she pursued interior design and architecture at Mount Vernon College for Women. However, she dropped-out when Ford Modeling Agency convinced her to go to New York for a modeling career. In the midst of her modeling career, she also had acting lessons, working hard to improve her accent as well.

Rosa Parks
Rosa Parks is world renowned as an Afro-American civil rights activist. She was regarded as “The Mother of the Modern Day Civil Rights Movement.”

She was born in Tuskegee, Alabama to a Leona Edwards and James McCauley, a teacher and carpenter respectively. Her family had Cherokee-Creek, Scots-Irish and African-American blood.
In her growing up years, discrimination was very rampant. There was the so-called Jim Crow Laws that segregated the blacks and the whites in virtually all aspects of daily living including public rides. Instead of providing separate vehicles for the blacks and the whites, train and bus companies just enforced strict seating arrangements. School buses were not available to the black students. While the whites conveniently rode school buses, blacks were forced to walk to school.

In Montgomery Alabama in December 1955, Rosa Parks disobeyed a bus driver named James Blake who was supposedly ordering her to make room and give up her seat for a white passenger. Although there have been other cases of civil disobedience, it was Rosa Park’s action that sparked and triggered the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

Her act of defiance brought about the Modern Civil Rights Movement, having her as their international icon of resistance to racial segregation. Later on, she collaborated and organized with other civil rights leaders, such as the likes of Martin Luther King Jr. She even helped launch his national prominence to the Civil Rights Movement.

Explore Montgomery Alabama In A Charter Bus

Montgomery, the capital of Alabama, is the kind of place that one should not miss visiting when renting a charter bus in Alabama. Although known for its historical value and places to visit, like the Civil Rights Memorial and Dexter Avenue King Memorial Church, today, Montgomery manages to preserve the old southern charm with a modern sophistication. For fans of the southern charm that will make you feel at home, here are our top picks for traveling in a charter bus in Montgomery, Alabama.

1. Alabama Shakespeare Festival – This is one of the most amazing festivals we have ever witnessed and it is rightfully named as the fifth largest festivals in the world! Many people rent charter buses just for this festival alone. Even for those non-literary buffs it will be well worth your time. What makes it even better is that admission is free. For more information on Alabama Shakespeare Festival, visit their website or call 334-271-5353.

2. Klein and Son – Klein and Son is a specialty shop that let’s you take home with you fine jewelry and gifts for your loved ones back home. This Montgomery specialty shop is worth a visit is because everything from fine porcelain and Chinas totally bowled us over. There are diamond pieces and a wide range of pearl items on sale too! Klein and Son dates as far back as 1893 and opens Mon to Friday from 10am – 5.30pm and on Saturday, they close an hour earlier.

3. Hidden Lily – Art fans should have their charter bus rental in Montgomery stop at Hidden Lily to take a look at some of the best masterpieces from artists from all around the world. Hidden Lily features not only local artists but they have an eyeful of oil and canvas work, pottery and glassware from renowned International artists.

4. Montgomery Zoo – Kids may not appreciate the historical and artistic elements that is prominent in this Alabama city, so, take the Montgomery charter bus rental to the Montgomery Zoo for a totally unique experience. The Montgomery zoo features a barrier-less concept whereby the visitors AND animals can freely roam about and interact among each other. There are over 800 animals on exhibit here, so, the kids will be thrilled for sure!

5. Gator’s – After a day of history, art and nature, it’s time to sit back and relax a little. We recommend a nice meal, a couple of drinks and live entertainment should do the trick. That’s why you should take the rented charter bus to Gator’s, one of Montgomery’s best hidden secrets. The atmosphere of Great Louisiana bayou ambience and the dress code is casual.